Main Modules Description

Manage your inventory quick and easy

Filter and search your by department, status, make, model, buyer, location, type, transaction type, finance/lease source, body type, style, category, stock number, VIN and more.

Configurable visible columns, multiple preset filter combinations.

Perform following actions:
  • Add, Edit or Delete Inventory Item
  • Sell item - create cash, wholesale, finance or lease transaction
  • Allow to create and save multiple cash, finance or lease quotes(deals) on the same vehicle
  • VIN Decoding and Car Query Search
  • Configure, edit and print delivery checklist
  • Print various documents: Bill Of Sale, Sale and Lease agreements, Insurance certificates, Customer worksheet, disclosure forms and more
  • Create or edit customer info and credit application
  • Maintain expenses (cost tracking) using single, multiple and auction expense forms
  • Buy here pay here: create and maintain payment schedule
  • View Profit/Loss
  • Upload and review any number of vehicle related pdf documents and scans
  • Post vehicles online and upload photos
  • Finance calculators are available
  • Create and print windows stickers in various formats
  • Lease End transactions: vehicle return or buy back
  • Create/Edit External or Internal service work order
  • Easy navigation to any module on the system
Manage customers profiles.

You can filter and search your customer base by province/state, Source of Business,name, phone, street address, city

Allows you to maintain:
  • Personal info - name, address, birth date, driver license, phones, email
  • Dealer info for dealers (companies)
  • Insurance Info
  • Unlimited number of timestamped notes
  • Cash, finance and lease quotes
  • Purchased and traded vehicles
  • Customer requests
  • Linked Vehicles
  • Credit application
Fully integrated service and parts module, consists of the following sub-modules:
Appointments Calendar
  • Internal and external service appointments on any number of lines (mechanics)
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly view
  • Color marking for work order status
  • Typeahead functionality allows you easy find customer and vehicle in your database
  • VIN Decoder helps you enter vehicle info
  • Ability to create work order from appointment record with minimal manual input
  • Zoom in and out to better fit your screen
Vehicle List
  • Filter and search inventory by status, make, model, VIN, license plate, customer name and phone
  • Service and Sales department vehicle inventory
  • Enter/Edit vehicle information
  • Create new or view/edit existing work orders
  • Review/load documents in online document storage
  • Generate and print vehicle inspection form and loaner agreement
Work Orders
  • Create, edit and query work orders
  • Easy pick/create customer and vehicle records
  • Per labor, part and GOG line cost to calculate profit and loss
  • Per line and overall repair instructions for mechanic
  • Use catalogs, parts inventory or enter random parts
  • Print work order and final invoice
  • Create and print quote
  • Vehicle Health Report
  • Apply parts to the part inventory
  • Generate and print vehicle inspection form and loaner agreement
Parts Inventory
  • Maintain and query parts inventory
  • Use parts catalogs
  • Post part to show online and upload part image
Parts Invoices

Maintain, preview, query and print parts sale invoice. Apply sold parts to the part inventory.

Parts Purchase Orders

Maintain, preview, query and print purchase orders. Apply sold parts to the part inventory.

Manage suppliers profiles.

You can filter and search your customer base by category, expense type, name, address, city, phone, province.
Allows you to maintain personal and company info

Manage your expenses.

There are 2 types of expenses - vehicle related and generic.
You can filter and search your expense list by expense type, supplier/vendor name, invoice number, vehicle stock #, entry date
There is a spread sheet type, quick input screen.

Allows you to:

  • Add, Edit, Delete expense record
  • Add, Edit supplier/vendor record
  • Add multiple expense records for multiple vehicles based on vendor invoice
  • Add action expenses based on action company definitions
  • View supplier/vendor invoices

Accounting: QuickBooks Interface

Utility generates *.iif files with postings.

Perform following actions:

  • Maintain and synchronize chart of accounts
  • Customer posting
  • Suppliers Posting
  • Expense Posting
  • Parts Invoice Posting
  • Work Order Posting
  • Cash, finance and lease transaction posting
  • Setting defaults accounts per posting line
  • Re-generate postings done for given date

We have dozens of reports developed and if you need any additional report it will be done right away with no cost to you. All reports are separated in 4 groups: Inventory, F&I and Sales, Lease, Miscellaneous. Reports gets generated based on parameters provided by user and outputed in PDF or CSV format.

Some of the reports:

  • Garage Register
  • Audit report
  • Current and historical inventory
  • For sale vehicle catalogue
  • List of delivered vehicles
  • Sold vehicles journal
  • Aged vehicles
  • Bottom price catalogue
  • Interest earned
  • HST, GST and PST reports
  • Maintenance and expense
  • Profit/Loss journal
  • Salesperson journal
  • Vehicle purchase journal
  • Book Value
  • Monthly Revenue
  • .....

It is essential part of CRM which allows sales person to keep track of many important event, schedule events, maintain customer records, notes and requests. Information can be filtered by user and gets refreshed automatically. Calendar has day, week and month view. It can be zoomed in and out to fit to smart phone, tab or desktop.

Following are the main features.

  • Automatically shows following events with easy access to details:
    1. Vehicles arrivals
    2. Vehicle sales
    3. Vehicle deliveries
    4. Sale anniversaries
    5. Customer Quotes
    6. Customer Birthday
    7. Customer Requests
  • Record and maintain generic and linked to customer notes/events.
  • Ability to add new customer record.
  • Set up recurring notes and events. Recurring notes are marked with recurrence icon. Access to customer and notes via menu on the note line.
  • Record and maintain customers’ requests for vehicles. All arrivals which have relevant customer requests marked with customer icon.
  • Shows customer quotes with easy access to customer info and notes
  • Notes can be filtered by user id.
  • User can set up their own configuration which allows blocking off Saturday, Sunday and any events (arrivals, sales, deliveries and so on).

Go paperless.

  • Scan and store all your signed Bill Of Sales, Agreement, invoices, receipts online
  • Organize it the way you want using any number of partitions/folders and retrieve it any time
  • You can link your documents to inventory item (vehicle, RV, ATV/UTV, MOTO, Farm equipment) by stock number and review all documents in inventory screen

Use rental module to facilitate renting out vehicles, RV or farm equipment from your inventory. It can be done on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis with any number of additional taxable and non taxable charges. You can set up your own default charges and rates.

It is extra feature for dealership who lends money using mostly vehicle as a collateral. You can do Lump Sum, Monthly, Weekly or By-Weekly loans with number of additional fees, print loan agreement, standard form, promissory note.